8800gt 512mb 256bit forsa make problems

Hi there guys can anyone help me i have a bit of a problem, I have 2x 8800gt 512mb 256bit forsa make nvidia chipset. i had a xfx 7600gt 256mb 128bit it was running okay but needed better graphics so i upgraded 2 the above mentioned cards. At first it looked okay but a message keep popping up saying SLI is not enabled, so i went to the invidia control panel and enabled sli BUT a nother message poped up saying "some applications need to be closed before proseeding" i clicked yes and it adjusted my resolutions to 800x600 and grayed out the slider. Normally with my old card i was running 1440x900 (LCD). no i can't get it to work correctly i have unistalled the driver 182.08 and resinstalled but still the same, i have even try to run the cards singel not in sli still the same. can anybody help me please, here is the rest of the specs of my system.

Asus P5N32E-SLI Mother Board
4Gig OCZ Platinium memory
2.4GHZ Core2Duo Cpu
650watt PSU

Kind Reagrds

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  1. You need to install the SLI bridge between the cards, enter the Nvidia control panel, click the Enable SLI button, click apply, then click the OK button in the next pop-up window.
    Check your power supply size here:

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies
  2. I Did install the sli bridge and tested the card an 4 diffrent systems plus 9 diffrent drivers started from 169.0 upwards to 182.08 and the same thing even on the default windows driver it does the same thing. It's not power related already checked it. No be honest i think the cards might just be a bad batch. but thanx anyway.

    One thing i don't know if my motherboard supports GDDR3 but can't find anything on the net.

  3. It's enabled on the graphics card. Should not be a problem for the motherboard.
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