Driver crashing

Got a good question for you folks and am interrested if anyone can give me a hand solving this issue.

Comp specs,
i7 920
gtx 295
g skill 1600 3x2
evga x58 sli board
wd 640 black
antec tpq 4 850

I'm currently using the 182.08 drivers (latest and greatest). I have just recently installed a few games and am now getting the famous nvlddmkm.sys BSOD. my BPCode is 116.

I have eliminated that it is a heat issue. I have also eliminated that its a ram/cpu/hd issue. My PSU is fine (card is getting plenty of power).

I have tried multiple installs of the game to which resulted in the same luck.

Some other notes. It's only happening in certain games. Something I've also noticed is that its only happened to games I have recently installed. Any new game that i've installed it has happened to but not any old ones. I have also used the 181.xx driver and this also had the same issue.

Any help would be greatly appericated.
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  1. It`s easy to miss the obvious when troubleshooting, so start there and I`m sorry if I sound like I`m talking down or being insulting.
    Check your OS is fully updated.
    Check the games are patched.
    Reinstall your drivers and sweep in safe mode to clear out the old ones.
    Undo any overclocking and BIOS changes.
    Check the HDDs for errors.
    Which, if any AV software are you using? Perhaps a recent update to that is affecting the installers.
  2. Thanks coozie for the fast responce. Believe me I've been working on computers for quite some time and know how easy it is to miss something so simple. I do appericate your comments and don't take any insult to them at all.

    I have fully updated my windows vista 64 bit. At least up to last night's updates.

    I'm not using any AV software. Personaly I think they are a form of a virus. I just use a strong firewall instead, I am pretty confident that the installers are not being affected by the firewall. Good idea however.

    Games are patched.

    I have done multiple setups for overclocking. I have Overclocked, underclocked, and currently have my rig set at defaults (both cpu (2.66ghz) and gpu(core 575mhz and mem 2ghz).

    I do have some ideas reading some blogs and forums. I currently do not have my ram set at the manufacture timings and speed. I am just using auto detect for the board. (running the g skill ram @ 1066 instead of man specs of 1600). My thoughts are since i'm currently not doing an overclock there's no need to crank on my ram any harder. I'm wondering if this could be related to the issue.

    Another issue i've ran across but didn't think much of it was I got the gtx 295 on one of the first days it came out. Ntune would cause a bsod when trying to see certain settings on the card. At the time I thought it was just because the card was so new that ntune still had a few bugs to work out. I never questioned it to be hardware failure due to being able to run most games at max settings (far cry 2, wow, ect..). I'm still not thinking its hardware failure, but am starting to have my doubts now.

    When I went from the 181.xx drivers to the 182.08 drivers I just used the nvidia driver install tool. I did not whipe the 181.xx drivers out in safe mode. I just let nvidia's driver updating tool do it for me. (i'm currently at work so I can't test this idea yet, but will when I get home.)

    I know i'm not giving you much to work with here. So I do appericate your time that your putting into helping me solve this issue.
  3. I`ve seen your posts here, that`s why I was being a little delicate about stating the obvious, not everyone would take kindly to it;)
  4. Ya I ussualy hang out in the Homebuilt Systems threads. Believe me I wouldn't be asking for help if I had a pride issue with someone having to walk through the simple things again. If anything I look at it as being a chance for you to get on the same page that I'm on. There's so many ways to trouble shoot problems. Its to bad when helping people troubleshoot problems they see it as an insult to their intelligence and not the fact that the guy giving you a hand is just trying to get on the same page as you.

    I've been doing some research at the Nvidia forums and realizing that this bug is wide wide spread. And could be caused by many different items. Looks like I just might have to put my nose to the grind stone and dig deep into this one myself.
  5. Been reading up on this as well mate and it looks like you really have a nasty problem there, something to remember if my old 7800 starts to play up.
    Looks like the most common factors seem to be Vista, memory speeds (both card and system RAM), driver problems, one poster said he changed his shader clock while others RMA`d their cards.
    With so many possible causes I am at a loss to do more than wish you well and hope you succeed.
    And if you do, let us know, because I`m getting crosseyed reading up on this!
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