Dying onboard audio needs replacement with FP

My audio out on my ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe has been acting wonky. Basically the right side is starting to go really quiet on all my speakers and headphones.

I'm looking into replacing it with a PCI/PCI-e soundcard

Only problem is that I can't find one that supports a FP_AUDIO connection.

Does anyone know of any that do that won't break my bank account (price range $30-50 suggested.)
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  1. Please. I'm really at a loss here.

    The channels are getting worse and I can't find a working card that will do anything.

    Tigerdirect screwed me out of the card I wanted (advertising a card and sending me an inferior product), and the card I bought at Staples doesn't have a working Mic port on it at all.

    Or should I just wait another 6 months and rebuild a new computer?
  2. More news.

    Right side is still getting quieter and quieter.

    I did manage to finda card I liked, however, the company (Tigerdirect) didn't want to send me the correct card 2 different times so I got it refunded entirely.

    Please I"m really at my wits end here...

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