Broken laptop monitor


just wondering if someone can help me with a broken laptop monitor

The acer extenza's built in LCD, is completely smashed.
this laptop has an external VGA port
but i can only get it to boot to that port, when i boot windows in safe mode.

the windows driver loads only the main display when loading the OS normally

and i cannot enable to external display with out the visual menu.

If i booted in safe mode and loaded the device manger. then removed the graphics driver.
Once i rebooted, would the OS see the display driver as NG and load a default driver for the external VGA or would it reinstall the built in display driver.

the function key on the laptop to switch to the external display doesnt seem to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Check the bios for an option to use an external display.
  2. that was the first thing i tried.

    no settings in the bios for display.

    my desktop has a similar setting.

    I noticed it uses the VGAsave or driver when it boots in safe mode.
    And the driver is loaded on demand.

    if i changed that driver to load on boot, could that fix it.

    or would it not change the way it loads in normal mode, only safe mode.
    if i changed that device driver while in safe mode.
  3. Boot into safe mode and set the computer to default to the external monitor and you should be fine... just don't go anywhere with it.
  4. it will not let me change anything in graphics while in Safe Mode.
    800x600 and no settings, those are graphics drivers settings. That seem to load with the windows vista OS.

    i've tried connecting to a wide panel LCD and still same settings.

    if i boot windows normal, only the laptop screen tries to go on. and there is only about an inch visible now so nothing is readable

    i try the function F5 key on the keyboard (quick key to enable second monitor) and nothing, still black

    thats why i thought, maybe i could go to device manager in safe mode and delete the graphics drivers but should i unplug the built in broken laptop power before i do that.
    Cause it would just try load that again, thinking the monitor is OK
  5. Check for a screen to fit that laptop. May be able to find it cheap on ebay if you are able to swap it.
  6. You should be able to enable the second monitor by using a mixture of the keyboard and left/right click

    You can use tab and enter to move around the settings

    You can get to the monitor screen by pressing

    Right click
    Up key
    Tab 3-5 times
    Then press the right arrow 4-5 times
    Using tab and enter you can select the settings

    You of course will need to check and see what to hit exactly but it should be no different then your desktop...get a pen and paper and go to work ;)

    And what a creative response from mamw93...i hate kids
  7. Did u fix this problem i have the same one and cant get my tv to load the laptop screen unless in safe mode!! HELP
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