New Build, won't boot--help!

So I'm building my first computer, and seem to have run into a snag. Here's everything I'm using:


Now I feel I have everything connected correctly, but when I plug everything in and turn the power on, all I get is the blue LED on the COOLERMASTER which says it is getting power. When I hit power, nothing happens. I have no idea what is giving me this problem, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Hopefully =(

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  1. Nevermind! I had one simply cable in the wrong spot--sorted it out and I'm GOLDEN! Yatta!
  2. Sorry for the fairly quick triple post, but I've run into another snag (figured it couldn't be easy).

    Anyway, I inserted the Windows Vista Install disc, which goes through the "Loading Files" black screen with a grey bar, then to the blue/green vista theme, and just hangs. I have no idea where to begin on this one, and hopefully can either get a response/find an answer soon.
  3. probably the vista disc itself
  4. Make sure your memory is running at it correct timings and voltage.
    Try doing the install with only 1 memory stick. If it works, put the second stick back in after the install completes.
  5. It finally went through, just seemed to be hitting some snags and taking its time. Once I got past registration it only took ~30 minutes. Everything up and running now, thanks for the help! =D
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