Maximus Formula Startup issue

hi there

Recently my system have been acting strangely, I was away for 6 months and on return I found that when I started the machine it hung on the POST screen, right before detecting the drives. It works fine when i pressed the reset button. So I thought it might be a duff battery on the MB and replace it with a new one. Still no change so I thought maybe the battery I replaced it with was faulty as well... nope no change... what do you think can be the issue?

Asus Maximus Formula
2x 1TB HDD
1x500Gb HDD
MB Supplied Sound card riser
Gigabyte GeForce 8600 Silent display
Intel Q6600 Quad Core CPU
Phillips DVD-RW+
Phillips DVD

The system is not overclocked and just running normally

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  1. 5Gb of ram? What BIOS level?
  2. Can you still enter the bios and from the bios detect the hds? can you boot from a cd?
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