BIOS trouble?! Computer wont boot!! I can't even go into setup!! HELP!!!

BAD (before):

For the past few months my computer has been doing some weird things. Occasionally when I turned it on, the fan would run like it was on but my monitor acted like was nothing connected. Although it made a noise as if it received a signal (like when you turn a TV on). Either way, I had to keep turning it off any on until finally it would boot normally. I noticed that the fans sound louder when my computer actually turns on and connects to the monitor.
Also, sometimes I could leave my computer and come back to find that it had turned itself off.
And lastly, I always had trouble with my hard drive(s). Depending on what combinations of hard drives I had in the computer, I would have to do different things. Most of the time I would get a boot error unless I went into the boot menu and manually chose to boot master.

Worse (skip to this part if you don't like to read):

I decided to try and fix things and format my hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows. Afterwards, I still got the boot error, so I just removed the other hard drive. The next day I installed an application that let my computer run in 15khz, so I could use it with this old monitor I have. I restarted after applying the settings and after I finally got it to boot I was disappointed to find that after it got past the windows XP loading screen, that my monitor dissconnected itself. It didn't work with my 15khz monitor either.
So I figured I'd just swap hard drives and boot Windows from there. Afterwards when I got it to boot up it went into (what I think is) the BIOS... And then nothing. It wont go any further. I can't go into setup or boot menu. No idea what to do.

It could have something to do with my flashing my BIOS about a year or 2 ago. Not sure. I have a suspistion that it's more likely to boot when there's not a CD in the drive. My dad suggest that it's the graphics card. But idk.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for reading all of this!
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  1. Unplug everything, then plug in the processor, memory, and video card (if you don't have on-board video). If you still have the problems, then its one of those components or the motherboard itself. Unless you have other components on hand, its going to be hard to diagnose the actual source, but I do recommend a different video card for starters.
  2. Ok, it's working again, but it just takes about 10 minutes for it to leave the BIOS. But then it says there's a error with the hard disk.

    I tried running the boot menu and it doesn't reconise the Hard drive or the CD-drive. You think I need a new motherboard?
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