9800 gtx running but motherboard not recognizing

I recently built a new computer and everything is running fine except the motherboard won't recognize the 9800 gtx, it keeps running off of the on board motherboard graphics. My motherboard is below :


The motherboard is set to run off of a card if one is present and when I turn the computer on the graphics card fan turns on but the motherboard doesn't recognize it. Also, the monitor is actually connected through the graphics card and working but still no recognition. Any help?
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  1. What do you mean when you say the monitor is connected to the GPU and working, but no recognition? Do you mean you are simply getting the "no signal" message when you hook the monitor to it?
  2. I meant that the monitor is displaying everything fine through the card but the motherboard wasn't recognizing it. Problem is solved now though, thanks anyways!
  3. I have the same exact problem how did you fix it? My PC boots up I see on the first black screen Nvidia 9800 GTX, but then in the device manager it does not recognize the GFX card. Any thoughts?
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