4650 Performance?

I wasn't too familiar with ATI cards, so I ended up getting a 4650 instead of a 4670.

I've done a lot of googling, and haven't really seen any 4650 benchmarks either.

How does the 4650 stack up against the ATI 3650 and the 3850?
And against Nvidia cards such as the 8600GT, 7800GT, 7900GT, 7950GT?

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  1. i think 4670 is lot better than 4650.

    4650 is faster than geforce 8600GT/7800GT/7900GT/7950GT and radeon 3650.
    tom's hardware hierarchy chart shows 3850 512mb is one tier higher than 4650 512mb. but i think these two are similar (and may be 4650 better than 3850 512mb).
  2. This review of newer games shows the 4650 and the 9500GT along with some other budget cards (9600GSO, 9600GT, 3870)
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