AMD 7750 Virtualization?

Does the AMD 7750 (NOT its Black Edition) supports the AMD's Virtualization technology (AMD-V)?
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  1. Yes. IIRC all Athlon 64 or better AMD CPU's support it.
  2. Yes. All Athlon current X2s support it as do all phenoms. Heck even some Semperions support it :D.
  3. Hmm I thought I read somewhere Semprons were the only ones that did not have it.
  4. K. Thanks guys!
    I would install MS Virtual PC then....
  5. True, Semprons are the only ones that don't support it:,news-31066.html

    And MS Virtual PC sill still work without it anyway, but should have better performance with it.
  6. with virtualbox, a free virtual application better than MS Virtual PC imho, virtualization is only needed if installing a 64 bits os. 32 bits os don't need it.
  7. Yes.. I read all the virtualization things on wiki and others... So, instead of MS Virtual PC, I installed Sun xVM Virtualbox... The thing is that I have to do is to set up a web server (Tomcat) and have to establish database connectivity. I don't want to do that on my current OS Win 7. So, plz tell me whether I would be able to do that with Win XP on Virtualbox. Plz reply. I would be trying it all this time. But I am new so may need help. Thanks.
  8. And that I have to show the connevtivity and that server is running (at my home)...............
  9. I have no idea if it can be done, but I don't see why it couldn't
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