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hi everyone...
i am lokesh..... i am doing multimedia(now doing 3ds max). i need your help in finding the best graphic card for my computer

my computer details are below:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz processer
Intel D945 GCNL motherboard - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
250 GB harddisk

motherboard have PCI Express x16 Graphic connector slot

Please suggest me a best graphic card which supports for my motherboard and also for the maya software and for gaming purpose also......

Thank you in advance
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Please tell us what your budget is for the graphics card.
    Also tell us about your power supply.
  2. i don't know about the power supply but on the SMPS , it is written like this
    AC 220v ,3A , 50 Hz

    my budget is around 6000-7000 rs

    and one more problem, can you please help me?

    my computer is running fast and working correctly,i played the game vicecity3 in my computer and it worked correctly without any problem

    one day i removed the cabinet for cleaning the dust and i removed the processer fan and also processer and cleaned it. from that day onwards i got a problem, computer is running fast and properly as before but the problem, when i am playing the same game vicecity3,as soon as i am starting the game and sometimes while i switch any player to full screen(while watching the movie), the computer getting restarted.
    Not only while playing vice city,with some games also, it creating the same problem
    While playing the games (not required graphic card), the computer is getting restarted, otherwise, the computer is working corectly,and properly with out restarting....

    please suggest me a solution
  3. You need thermal compound between the processor and heatsink.
    Please convert your rs currency to US$ equivalent.
    Not sure what "rs" is.
    You could indicate a preferred store where you shop.
    I need more information about your power supply. Look at the label inside the computer.
  4. sorry if i trouble you.........

    yesterday, i have written you about my problem
    I think my problem is with the powersupply....
    my onboard soundcard is not working,so i brought PCI soundcard, my cabinet cover has two fans.

    i have disconnected the cabinet cover fans and i removed the soundcard and opened the game....., my computer has not restarted and i played the game.

    once i connected the Soundcard and i checked, as soon as i opened the game, the computer restarted.
    and again removed the soundcard and connected the cabinet covers and i opened the game, computer again restarted

    so, please tell me wheather the problem is with powersupply or any other.....
    Thermal paste on the processer is very less.....

    my budget is around "200$ - 300$"
  5. What we really need to know on the power supply is when you take the side off the case, you should see a sticker, we need to know what those ratings are. The number we need most should indicate the number of amps on the 12v+ rail.

    Or if you know what make/model the power supply is. This way we can determine what video card your computer is able to handle without messing anything up.
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