Overclocking an NVidia GeForce 250 GTS

Hi all,
I was trying to overclock the graphics card you see in the title some time ago, with Kubuntu 10.04 and a can't-remember-which driver version; I was using NVclock because nvidia-settings didn't work at all for overclocking - resetting to defaults values on every click of "Apply" button. I managed to take the clock from 738 MHz to 800 and even higher, but some days ago I have upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 and no overclocking works anymore: the clock frequency seems stuck on the default values. Driver 260.19.16 - any tips?
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  1. I have this same card, and i have to say it doesnt seem to work very well with linux. My fan speed was always out of whack in ubuntu and it never let me overclock. I
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