MSI K9A2 Platinum VS MSI DKA790GX Platinum

Unfortunately my K9A2 went failed :whistle: . It eat CMOS batteries. Batteries are draining so fast that the duration is no more than 1 month.
As I'll change this motherboard, I come across a question.
Which mobo is better? K9A2 Platinum vs MSI DKA790GX Platinum.
K9A2 is better in Crossfire. It had 2x16 and 4x8 and DKA only 2x8. However DKA is newer, had Drmos, better capacitors, better soutbridge (SB750 instead SB600), AMD ACC, etc.
Although a crossfire setup is impossible right now for me, in the future I think I'll buy a new card. Anyway I can purchase a 4870X2 for example to compensate the 2x8 issue.
What do you think? :D
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  1. I realize that this is more than a year later but since nobody else replied...

    You had a defective K9A2 Platinum because mine doesn't do that. As for the 790GX it all depends on what you want. I want the 4 video cards over the updated southbridge so I'll stick with my K9A2 Platinum. Also, I have no need or desire for integrated video so again, the 790GX is inferior for my purposes. I hope this helps you to remember in future that if you have a problem like that... TAKE THE DAMN THING BACK TO THE PLACE YOU BOUGHT IT! Defective items are always replaced promptly within the first 30 days at most places. Beyond that, send it in to the manufacturer for an RMA and keep a spare motherboard (or spare computer in my case) as a backup.
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