Gateway gt5678 won't start

I have a gateway gt 5678 that will not start if you push the power switch it will light up and the fans on the power supply and the fans on the back of the case and the fan on the cpu starts but the screen shows nothing. The computer doesn't make any beeps or any kind of sound. There is nothing showing on the screen like I have seen on a older computer that had a hard drive go bad showed a screen that showed no hard drive found. I really need some help with this as I need to figure out what is wrong with the desktop. I am new to this forum and would really appreciate any help you can provide.
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  1. I checked the power supply with the power off I have these values
    purple wire 4.98
    greenwire 4.98
    gray wire 0.00
    orange wire0.27
    red wire 0.02
    yellow wire 0.02
    blue wire 0.00

    With the power on I have these values
    Purple 4.98
    green 0.01
    gray 5.18
    orange 3.34
    red 5.19
    yellow 12.16
    blue 11.99

    I was wondering if these sound correct and if they are. Is there any way to check the motherboard other than to replace it I have tried to remove the memory and hardrive and try to start it that way and nothing. I would appreciate some help on this problem but it seems I am getting a cold shoulder here. Am I doing something wrong? Have I offended someone? Or since I am new no use wasting time to try and help me? Either way I thank you for taking your tim to read this.
  2. You have popped capacitors dude. I had the same issue and it was caused by two popped capacitors. You can go the more costly route and replace the motherboard, but if you have any soldering experience and are versed in basic electronics, remove the motherboard, simply unsolder the bad capacitors, replace with new ones, and put your motherboard back and WHALLA! You're done, and for much cheaper than buying a new motherboard.

    Oh by the way, I should tell you, in case you don't know. The way you can tell if a capacitor has gone bad it will be puffed up on top, a good capacitor will be flat.

    New Motherboard: $175

    Two new capacitors and a soldering kit: $12.50

    You make the call.
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