How to wipe a locked harddrive

Hello, how do I format a locked laptop hard drive?
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  1. When you say locked, do you mean it has a bios password for HDD or a windows password?

    If it's the latter, then you can boot using a floppy or USB or even CD as then format it.
  2. It is BIOS locked as it came out of a bad GATEWAY. I just want to format it and use it in my Dell Laptop. What can I do to get it formatted?

    Mr. White
  3. nice engrish there "steve" prob a virus on that site.
  4. Quote:
    Wiping the hard drive is possible to be done withthe help of an excellent software known as wipe mac laptop that is desigmned with excellent features that wipe off the entire data from the Mac hard drive instantly by menas of following few steps that are integrated in the software.
    Get the detailed information by referring to the website mentioned below;-

    Will this program work on windows? The problem is the hard drive is locked by the drive itself. NOT by windows. What can I do???
    HavnFunHere aka: Charles
  5. Steve,
    From what I see this program Will ONLY work with a MAC PC. I need a tool to wipe a hard drive with the drive locked at the bios level. If it was just a windows password. Well that is a very EASY Hack. This is not a Windows password. Please help with something for WINDOWS. Thanks, Charles :sweat:
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