Radeon 4890 is some 10 percent faster

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  1. Is that like 11% or 19% "some" faster?
  2. Not a bad gain. Wonder how well it will overclock...
  3. it says in the article 10% faster, lol what do u want me to say jaydee lol? I'm just posting the news, I don't write it:)

    its exactly what the 285 GTX is to the 280 GTX, 10-15%.

    No1 expect miracles, but this is what the 4870 should've been, just like the 280 GTX should've been the 285 and the 260 SP 192 should've been the 216 .

    The 275 GTX won't have any place in the market, but it will be the faster card, although there is absolutely no reason for it.
  4. Its says some 10+% faster Actually, the reason I posted is because thats good scaling, and much better than we see on a simple 4870 at 850 core, with a nudge to the memory
  5. Im just interested in the improvements on the gpu. So far having burst reads on the memory is nice, but according to a few hints, theres other optimizations as well, which is always welcome.
  6. some 10+ it says, the clocks that I calculated go 13% or so....so I guess thats what they mean, don't forget that not all games benefit from OC.

    We'll see, I think these tests are still beta tested, so drivers should even it out, doubtful we'll see 20% since the clocks don't show those gains, but 15% isn't far out of reach, especially in games like Stalker.

    Though this card's OC is what might make it appealing, although it does drain like a beast, and must pump heat like a beast, so water cooling might be a benefit, or getting the ICE Q edition.

    Fud says: power optimizations, so that might have something to do with drain and heat, but thats my opinion. :)
  7. this news is kinda old, but what irks me the most is that the 4870 is gonna be aimed at the $180 range, where this card is supposed to be around $270

    10% performance increase at 150% price increase? ill pass.
  8. I just got the card for 230$ at Newegg...comes with a 20$ mail in rebate from ATI...and I believe, in all honesty, you are paying for the OC ability. 10% @ stock for the 4890 is great, but from what I'm reading it's higher than that, around 15-20%, and if you add in the fact that people on stock cooling are getting 1ghz... that = :), performance increase is FAR higher right there, I'll be sure to OC mine when I get it next week and oc it to 1ghz on the Accelero S1, maybe further, who knows.
  9. don't hold ur breathe:)

    remember most cases were just rumors, and even though they found out the card can touch 1 ghz, it most cases the voltage needed to be uped to 1.4v.

    1 GHZ is achievable, but its putting alot of strain on the card. but again thats your money. 1 GHZ is basically 17% higher than stock. But remember that not all OCs benefit like basic math. in order for you to achieve that 10% gain they had you need to OC the shader and the Memory synced with the OC.
    So its not just bread and butter, you really need to watch you OC levels. This is a very good OC card, but its not un burnable, and seeing how much heat ATI cards have pumped on stock in the past. I'd watch those temperatures.

    But good luck! Let us know how well u got it to. But post it in the other 4890 Discussion cuz this is a rumor thread. :)
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