Continous long beeps on GA-ep35-ds3l

Well the last couple weeks my computer had been blue screen of deathing and dumping my ram. So I decided to go into my bios and set my ram and cpu to their normal running speeds (they were overclocked) to see if it would help.

After that I shut my pc down and got some compressed air and cleaned it out good. but now it wont boot!

When I boot up everything gets power but I get no display on my monitor. I also get a continous chain of long beeps(my manual says its due to a graphic card inserted incorrectly) which it isnt ive taken it out multiple times to make sure the pins were connecting. I also reset my bios usuing a jumper on the mobo and still no dice.

Unfortuantely I dont have any extra components to switch out to see whats wrong. Im gonna buy a cheap graphics card tomorrow and see if that works.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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  1. Reseat your RAM also. What RAM do you have? Can you get into the BIOS if you only have one stick in? If so, you may need to manually set the RAM voltage if yours doesn't run on the JEDEC standard 1.8V.
  2. Long single beeps indicate a serious memory problem with Gigabyte motherboards.
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  4. I cant get into the bios I get no display, Ive tried running it with just 1 stick in every slot.
    I believe the ram I have is crucial 2gb ddr2 pc6400 666mhz x 2
    Is there a way to reset the voltage without getting into the bios?
  5. might be jumper on the motherboard (look into the user manual)

    But im pretty sure your motherboard has died or other hardware,

    I use to have one of those motherboard and it died 1 1/2 and was continually getting trouble from it... Gigabyte use to have great products, but i find the quality has been brought down (as well as other companies... cough cough Asus cough)

    witch is too bad for consumers
  6. Well I just got my new ram in and I popped it in and still get the same problems.

    No display and continous long beeps.

    any advice on what I should buy and try next
  7. RAM problem or GPU problem (did you use the PCIe 6 pin?)

    Beep Code guide:
  8. Ive ruled out ram and graphics card to be the problem.
    Tomorrow a friend is gonna lend me his old processor, if it turns on its my gpu, if not its the mobo
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  10. Well my buds processor didnt change anything, same long continous beeps so I ordered a new motherboard and hopefully that solves it
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