Help!!!PSU fan making noise

I have a 400w cheapo brand power supply.its was running well since the past 2 years.but now the fan has become noisy.
though i can handle the noise but my worry is if the fan fails the psu will die due to overheating.
my ques is:
IF it dies will it take some more parts with it(like processor or gfx card) or it will die alone? cuz there is no such problem like psu has to deliver huge amount of power as i m on a duo e7300 and a geforce 6200 turbocache.
and I m sorry for my bad english.
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  1. And pls dont suggest to buy a new psu. I m really tight on budget.
  2. Cheapo PSUs can quite possibly take other components with them when they fail. Your options are to replace the fan or buy a good quality PSU or do nothing and hope for the best.
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