Can't Change Value's in i7 930 bios

I'm a newb at overclocking but, I've read some stuff, and before posting I looked to see if anyone had posted a similar topic.

The mobo I have is the P6t SE with i7 930 @ 2.8. I'm trying to get a decent overclock without liquid cooling, but I'll probably buy one very soon.

Whenever I try to change the AI Tweaker settings, it won't let change any values, Except for the main ones. I can change it to D.O.C.P and XMP, but that's about it everything else won't even budge. Any help?

Sorry for the utter newbness, but if you can point me in the right direction, I'd gladly appreciate it.

Update::: Yeah, I was pretty big newb. I was trying to change the values by using the directional arrows and the enter button. How awesome of me! xD Sorry!

But, in other news, I have a question. What is the exact definition of the D.O.C.P and X.M.P Profiles? What do they do? Gracias.

Also, what should the idle temp for a cpu. Mine is about 45 C, I over clocked the CPU, and then it gave me a reading of 60 C. Is this safe? Please point me in the right direction!
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  1. Well, terms, I am not familiar with. I know that the i7 9xx series are good OC'ers. To me, the result of the CPU going to 60C under what rating?
  2. First if you are going to OC you are going to need an aftermarket cooler like the Cooler Master 212+, it is the best bang for the buck.

    Second you should be able to hit 3.3-3.6ghz on stock voltages.

    Post you system configuration. Case, Mobo, Ram, etc. It will help in finding a cooler.
    Your temps are high if they are idle temps, under 100% load you dont want your temps to go above 75-80c at idle they should be around 30-38c give or take a few.

    You can use prime95 for 10min to get load temps and you can use HWmonitor to record temps.

    Here is a link on XMP and DOCP
  3. ^ This!

    And for the love of your PC, read up on what you're doing or you might kill it.
  4. I agree with Wolfman23.
    Overclocking is very safe if you read and understand what you are doing.
  5. also, unstable overclock cause everyone's best friend...the BSOD...YAY! :pfff:
  6. LOL :lol:
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