Help overclocking my Q9650, plz help :(

I just cant go beyond 3.4, and every time I set it to 3.5 or more my pc restarts after the boot screen of my windows 7 appears, and then after the restart it continue stable for all day long, just when i leave it off (my pc) for like 1 hour and turn it on this happens again and it boots from the 2nd boot try and become stable, what could be the cause of this? it is all stable at 3.4 but not 3.5 or more.

Mobo: Elite Group (ECS) p43-ad3 (I think all these issues I have because of this noob mobo but I just cant change it coz of money probs :( )
my bios settings:
Spread spectrum: Disable
Overclocking function: Enable
PCIE Clock: 100MHz
CPU FSB: 378
Auto detect DIMM/PCI: Enable
CPU Voltage: +0.55 (Default is Normal) (Tried to make it higher or lower, but it didnt solve my problem
NB Voltage: 1.16 (Which is default, and changing this also didnt solve my problem)
Ram Timings: 9 9 9 24 (every time I change this my pc wont give a signal to my monitor and i have to reset my bios :( )
Ram type Kingston 6GB DDR3 (3*2) Dual channel 1333

Graphics Card (if u care): Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit 7600

BTW Heat is not a problem here coz my core temps dont go beyond 62C at load. Thnx in advance and hope u can help me, all I aim for is no more than 3.7 or 3.6GHz so give me settings for 3.6 or 3.7 plz.

Sorry for my noob English and my noob overclocking experience :)
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  1. sooo...

    to gain more OC you need to up the volts on the CPU and likely the ram as well, have you tried this?

    If you are running @ 62c full load now i personally wouldn't OC any higher, you might get another 100mhz but your processor will be around 68c due to the increased voltage.
  2. Also you might want to add a little to the nb just to rule it out,1.16 is pretty low. I would if all else fails, try 1.20 at least, maybe 1.30. These are safe values for the chip set and shouldn't do any damage as long as heat isn't a problem.
  3. well you may want to read this article. it may help you abit.
  4. Increase the vcore and the ram voltage . Slowly though.
  5. I have increased both of them, cpu 1.31 volt and ram 1.6 at 3.6ghz but my pc wouldnt give a video signal and if it does the pc will stuck at the post screen :o i am planning to not overclock over 3.4 maybe or i will damage some of my hardware lol been working on it since over 1 week to get 3.6 but no chance for me
  6. your ram voltages seem low. Try bumping up your voltages on your ram to about 1.9v
  7. blackpanther26 said:
    your ram voltages seem low. Try bumping up your voltages on your ram to about 1.9v

    No way, 1.9 is way high and outside the recommended vcores ranges.
    Well Maybe your ram doesnt support the oc
  8. > CPU FSB: 378

    Have you tried FSB=400 ?

    400 x 9 = 3.6 GHz

    But, note in the latter that the FSB spec = 1333 MHz.

    Intel's specs say the same thing about the Q9550, however,
    and we have that CPU installed in an ASUS P5Q Premium
    with FSB=1600. Thus, 400 x 8.5 = 3.4 GHz and very stable.

    I'm looking at your motherboard's User Manual,
    but it's not very helpful:

    > Ram type Kingston 6GB DDR3 (3*2) Dual channel 1333

    I would leave the RAM settings on AUTO in the BIOS,
    for now: it's already running much faster than the FSB
    at 1333/2 = 667 MHz DRAM Frequency.

    Hope this helps.

  9. MRFS said:

    Thnx for ur suggestions MRFS, it worked out for me to manage a 3.5Ghz max, and i dont think i need more than that, actually it is 3.49Ghz lol, if i set it to 3.5 I would face problems :P that is strange, I think my problem is the RAM which doesnt allow me pump the dram more than 775MHz. anyway thnx for ur time guys.
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