Overclocking the x6 1055t to 3.5ghz

I have an issue with my x6 1055t being overclocked and i get a blue screen.
Amd Phenom x6 1055t
Asus M4A79XTD EVO Motherboard
Western Digital 500gb Hard Drive
Corsair xms3 4gb 1600mhz
BFG 1000w Power Supply
Antec 902 Case

Info: the exact way my motherboard is layed out and what i did.
CPU Bus Frequency @ 250
CPU Ratio @ 14x
CPU/NB Frequency @ 2000mhz
CPU Voltage @ 1.3v
CPU/NB Voltage @ Auto
CPU VDDA Voltage @ Auto

Memory Timming and Voltage:
DRAM Frequency @ 1667mhz
DRAM Voltage @ Auto
NB Voltage @ Auto

Thats whats on my motherboard and what i did to try an overclock my x6. I need help to find my flaw. Please Help asap
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  1. disable turbo core and up the CPU voltage to 1.35v
  2. i did disable turbo core but im still not that sure on my memory since they are already clocked at !600 mhz but you think 1667mhz is safe? Plus by bumping up the voltage on the cpu will help?
  3. Try the voltage increase if still no luck try reducing the RAM multiplier
  4. yeah drop the RAM mutliplier 1 step.
  5. Blue screen when i increased the CPU Voltage to 1.35v still. But so the RAM multiplier is frequency? right?
  6. Man, I need like 1.4v vcore to run my phenom IIx4 at with a FSB of 248. I think you need to up the CPU voltage some more, and yeah, I'd drop the RAM multiplier to 5.33. If you search AMD Overclocking Club, you'll find a thread with a handy little chart of other peoples overclocks and settings.
  7. im running my 1055t @ 3.6 with stock volts (1.35) and its very stable im folding with it 24/7 ;)
  8. hi ive just overclocked my amd phenom ii x6 1055t to 3.5ghz stable but i cannot get it over that myself but my idle temps are 13c and when gaming for a hour only got to 19c highest i was wondering if this is a good temp and will i be able to overclock anymore some how heres my specs
    msi 785GM-E51 motherboard
    8gb corsair ddr3 1333mhz ram
    sapphire 7950 3gb graphics card downed the clocks to standard
    750w corsair power supply
    if anyone can help me overclock to 3.8ghz i would be grateful thank you for reading :)
  9. forgot to mention ive just put a antec 620 liquid cooling in and added a extra fan to the water block
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