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My Specs> Thermaltake Spedo A.T.C.3 Full Tower Case with 2x230mm,1-140mm,6x120mm,4x80mm Fans
Quad 2 Core Q6600 2.40-GHz OC at 3.0 -GHz
EVGA 750i FTW MOB with 4GB 1066 OCZ Reaper Ram OC at 900MHz
Vista Ultimate 32 Bit
500GB HItachi HD
Corsair HX1000Watt Modular PSU
Acer 23" Monitor

Hello every body,this thread is just for the people that have problems such as crashes or bad performance with the GTX 295.Remmember that the GTX 295 has 2 GPU's in SLI.if you downloaded the latest Drivers 182. you might still have problems like i did with the 295.Such as sudden crashes or in Game performance.i added the link from EVGA that could give you the Link.Go to this link and download this SLI Enhancement Patch>
I downloaded the Sli Enhacement Patch and my entire PC is so Stable in Games and Web browsing.Also the onboard HDMI that the GTX 295 has is not meant to be used for a Primary Display,it is made to be used for a 2nd Display.
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  1. Is there a question or information you wanted to tell? I'm not sure I understand the point of this thread. BTW, if you can, upgrade to 64 bits, the GTX295 memory mapping into 32 bits OS will eat-up all your RAM.
  2. If you read the info that i posted then you could see the link that i added that could give people the Link to fix alot of problems with this card.And about this card not working good with OS 32 bit,well it's all lies cause my Pc works really good with no slow-downs.
    I play Crysis at the Highest settings and at 1920x1080 Resolution,and i get avg-40-65 FPS.On my biggest game Flight Simulator on all the highest settings and same resolution i get avg.-35 FPS on crowded areas using a F-16 LockHead that i added.The F-16 is the biggest add-on that i have in FSX,and 65-100+ on not so busy areas.So does these Specs tell you that the GTX 295 does'nt work on a 32 bit OS.Nope it says that it works as good on it as it does on a 64 bit OS.
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