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i have a Toshiba satellite pro m-70, running win XP. Today i downloaded & installed a new version of bios specifically available for my system from Toshiba's support site. After installing new bios I found that most of the keyboard(in-built) keys were not working, only a few like backspace, pgup, pgdwn, shift were working. This ensures that keyboard is being detected. So, what could be the problem ??

Please provide some solution to rectify this problem.

Thank you.
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  1. Re-install old bios (hopefully you backed it up or you can get it from Toshiba) and don't do Bios updates on a whim, only if you have specific HW problems requiring it. Bios Updates are not like haircuts, you don't need one every week or two.
  2. @Cyberat_88: Thanks for your help. But i have fixed this problem this morning.
    Ya now I know BIOS ain't like antivirus updates or like hair-cuts....
    Now I won't ever dare touch anything related to BIOS...
    Thanks man..
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