PCI-e to PCI adapter

Hi - I have a Dell Dimension 8250, which has only PCI-slots. I want to install a PCI-express card - can I get an adapter like this:


I am assuming the bus speed will be dummied-down, but thats ok.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. ^ that's a PCIe x1 to PCI card, not the other way round, and it wouldn't work anyway because the bandwidth is much lower on PCI and PCIe works in lanes of bandwidth.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    "that's a PCIe x1 to PCI card, not the other way round"

    Ah, right - the adapter is b-wards. So you can't go PCI-e card to PCI slot w/adapter?

    Thanks again.
  3. nope, you can't go PCI to PCIe.
  4. plus you got a dell
  5. What kind of PCI-e card are you trying to use? Wouldn't it be easier to just find a PCI/AGP equivalent?
  6. He doesn't even have an AGP slot?
  7. The Dell Dimension 8250 is supposed to have an AGP slot yes.
  8. If so, the best he can get is a 3850 (or was it 3870?). Even so, his processer will probably hold him back...
  9. "What kind of PCI-e card are you trying to use?"



    "If so, the best he can get is a 3850"

    What's a 3850?

    I have an AGP slot. Can I go PCI-e card to AGP slot with an adapter?

  10. Wow, I didn't know they made capture cards with HDMI.

    Unfortunately, I think there is nothing that will be able to replace/adapt that PCI-e connector you need. However, if what you intend to do is edit and/or encode HD movies, you might also want to consider upgrading your PC. Reasonably prices machines (~500-600$) can probably perform 3-6 times better than what you currently have AND will have the required PCI-e connector.
  11. Thanks for the reply.

    Here's the thing - I am not looking to do anything with the card, except play back video. My main computer is a self-built Vista 64-bit machine, with an E8400 3.0 GHZ, Asus P5Q Pro MB, 650 PSU, and 8 GB RAM. This computer of course has a PCI-e slot, but when I compose, and have alot of virtual instruments playing back simul, my CPU usage is WAY up there, and do not want to add any CPU usage with that card. So, I want to use a different computer with that card, and as I have a older Dell laying around, I would much rather use that one, than spend money to build another computer - just for a PCI-e slot. This is why I was hoping for an adapter. But it's looking more and more like another computer is what i am going to have to do.

    Thanks again.
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