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Hi all. I'm building my 1st PC. My next item to purchase is a motherboard. I do plan on overclocking down the road...once I have it running and I feel comfortable. My questions is this: What is the easiest board to overclock with? I have come across some that enable a very simple overclocking method within windows...not even needing to access the bios. That seemed too good to be true, so not sure if what i was reading was legit. I was considering buying a ASUS P6X58D-E Motherboard . But watched an online overclocking video on it and it seemed pretty complex.
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  1. My rampage was easy to get to 3.6 (4ghz benchmarking) on air. Its pretty simple if you aren't over eager and push too far.
    Up the bclck/ multiplier, adjust the ram multiplier accordingly (as to not overclock the ram beyond its limits) up the voltage when your sys fails boots turn off v droop watch idle and load temps and settle at a point you feel suits your computers environment (AC home, air cooled, water cooled...)

    I don't recommend you overclock within windows; its much more safe/ reliable to do so in the bios.

    Also some boards (including the rampage and gigabyte UD series) have overclock profile which (depending on what proc you have) can automatically overclock to a higher spec'd procs performance levels
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