Best Liquid Cooling Kits?

I would like to know what would be the best liquid cooling kit for my set up(M4A87TD EVO, AMD Phenom II X4 955 and a HD5850). I have had a hard time finding a kit. I can also do a custom watercooling setup. I'd just need a list of parts because I am really confused by this(I don't care if they are from different websites or all in one).

Try to keep it the least expensive as possible, this is only a future upgrade.
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  1. what do you want to cool? cpu,gpu..
  2. Its in the OP, CPU, Northbridge, GPU
  3. The best 'kits' aren't actually kits at all.

    What is your budget?

    If you go with a real WC loop, it can last through several hardware upgrades with only minor changes (brackets, mounts) depending on what blocks you get.
  4. supergiff8 said:
    Its in the OP, CPU, Northbridge, GPU

    you looking at around 250$+ just for water blocks for cpu,gpu,nb (no radiator,res.,fitting,tubing,etc.)
    here is "ok" kit for cpu:
  5. You don't need real reason if you already have a northbridge heatsink with a fan.

    Agree with ortoklaz...that is one of the few 'kits' I'd recommend. It is made up entirely of components you can purchase separately.
  6. I want to cool my GPU too, I don't see a GPU block in there.
  7. supergiff8 said:
    I want to cool my GPU too, I don't see a GPU block in there.

    no you" don't see a GPU block" because it's not there..tell us what's your budget so we can help you supergiff8 :)
  8. ^Correct. You can go with a more universal block like the MCW80 (I use the MCW60's, the older model) or you can go with a full cover block, but they are more expensive and won't allow you to use them on the next gen of card.
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