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Hi, I just received my second card for my crossfire today (Both HD 4830). I installed all the hardware and software, and went to check my settings in ccc. I'm not sure I have a prob, but the fan usage percent is is diff on one of the cards. At idle it shows temp 37c with 8% fan usage on the secondary card it shows 37c with 43% fan usage. My take on this is that one card is sucking warm air off the lower card there fore running up the fan usage, course I'm not sure, thats why I'm asking. If anyone has more crossfire experience than me here a little help would be really nice. Oh btw I cant really see an improvement on Bioshock etc yet it says crossfire is enabled... little help here thanks in advance.
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  1. A single 4830 should pretty much walk all over bioshock at higher settings so that's why you wont be noticing much difference.
  2. Yeah - Bioshock runs perfectly smoothly on a single 3870 or so, so I don't think you'd see much improvement.

    Now, if it was stuttering before, and is still stuttering now, there's something wrong.
  3. I have the same problem. The cards are too close to each other in my setup and therefore one of them doesn't get enough air.
    It helped in my case when I installed a fan on the side of the case.
  4. To the OP,

    Unfortunately, BioShock is one of those games that do not benefit from XFire. In fact you actually experience decreased performance using XFire. See below chart from a HD 4850 XFire review, other than 1600 x 1200 resolution you can see that two HD 4850 is slower than a single HD 4850. The HD 4830 is basically a down clocked HD 4850 with slower memory.


    See the following review for XFired HD 4830's which does not include BioShock:

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