Is avg better or avast or kaspersky or avira

is avg better or avast or kaspersky or avira
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  1. I would rate AVG & Avast in the top two, Avast being my favorite. But really, it's kind of just a personal preference at that point.
  2. I will say kaspersky is hands down the best out of all, but the problem is that it is so because it is thorough (takes forever to scan) and also expensive
  3. There are really no bad ones (or any that are head and shoulders above the rest either) and so the choice is very personal, depending on what you use your computer for and which features/interface appeal to you most. I had some issues with Kaspersky, but that might have been due to some other antimalware programs I have on my computers. I have tested most of the 2012 pre-release candidates and most of them are excellent. There is a new Eset Nod32 V5, in addition to those you mentioned, that is excellent. It is a cloud-based AV. Trend Micro and Norton are also highly-rated. If you are unsure, you can try some of the pre-release candidates or beta programs first. Most offer 90 to 180 days free trials, if your applications are accepted as a tester, during which time you can complete the company surveys as to how you like their products. Those who try them will receive discounts on those new programs upon their release to the public.

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