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I have a concern about a Temp reading regarding my AMD Phenom X3 installed on my FoxConn motherboard. The bios monitor says the CPU temp is around 39C and the system temp is the same. When I go into Cupid's HW Monitor, there is a TempInput1, 2, and 3 reading that says 38C, 37C, and then the third one is 57C. I assume these are for the three different cores. When I scroll down and see the actual CoreTemps, they all read about 34C when idle. It is OC'ed slightly from the stock 2.1Ghz to 2.3Ghz. Should I be concerned about the 3rd TempInput reading? I have had a couple of lock-ups since I've first installed this a little over a month ago. Thanks.
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  1. The locking-up means you may have to rethink your overclocking approach, since it's affecting your system's stability. In any case, one core running warmer than the rest is normal, especially since not all software is written to maximize your multi-core CPU.
  2. With some multicore systems 1 or 2 of the cores can be warmer than the other ones because they are on the top of the actual CPU. Most of the heatsinks have lots of copper and with having the motherboards mounted vertically in tower system this causes it to pull away from the CPU usually at the top. This may not be the problem but just throwing it out there to check.
  3. Use Coretemp for temperatures. More accurate.
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