Convert sata to pata

i have a 1.8 inches HD that connects via pata ide,

i purchased a 1.8 SSD that is SATA.

Is there a convertor/adaptor to connect my Sata SSD to my PATA/IDE laptop?
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  1. Is your intent to replace the HDD in your notebook with the SSD? If so, the answer is no, there would be no space for any sort of adapter inside your computer. Yo can check, however, to see if your notebook supports configurations with SATA HDDs.

    If that is the case, you may just need to find the SATA connector and cables for your notebook and install them. I have a Dell that supports both IDE and SATA HDDs, the type used depends on the physical interface and cable installed.

    Good luck!
  2. i have a dell xt

    i do have room where the current hd is, it obviously depends on how big the adaptor is..

    So are you saying YES to my question. There is a SATA to PATA IDE adaptor, and you assume I dont have the space?

    it is a 1.8 inch drive that i currently use. If you know of a 1.8 inch adaptor to plug a SATA drive into a PATA IDE please send me info or a link./ thanks
  3. To my knowledge, no adapter exists to convert PATA to SATA for a notebook SSD/HDD such as you are asking about. So the answer is NO on that question.

    Your notebook may natively support SATA, but you would need to necessary SATA data and power connections for your notebook model installed.

    What model of Dell do you have?
  4. The Latitude XT is a nice system and no, it does not support SATA devices (I thought it may previously). So, in order to install a SSD, you will need to find one with a PATA interface. You really don't have any other viable options. Sorry.
  5. thanks, seems PATA is much more expensive then SSD SATA, I have seen some forums that describe DYI adaptors, do you see any issues with these?

    Also, I see some adaptors online, would these give me the connections i need?
  6. For the second one, it won't work. Look at it closely. It is intended to plug into a SATA port. Yours would need to be the other way around.

    The DIY methods may work, but you could fry your Latitude XT if you make a mistake (like pinching the cable and grounding the system). One of the links on the first link looked promising (, but I doubt you have the space to mount in your Dell.

    Good luck!
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