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Ok, first let me say my new computer is the first windows 7 system i've built, every other computer I've built and used has run XP.

second, I know after making a partition and formating a drive you lose some of that advertised space but after setting up my new system with a 120g G.Skill SSD for windows and a 1tb WD for storage i was a little puzzled when it showed the SSD as only being 111gb and the WD drive as only being 931gb.

Is losing 9gb off the main drive and 69gb off the second drive normal or not?
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  1. Yes, what you are seeing is "normal". There is always the issue of defining a MB as 1000 or 1024 and then there is the issue of reserved (not useable) space. I am sure there are bazillions (that would be a lot) or articles on the subject and how customers felt cheated by these mathematical shortages.

    Nothing to worry about.
  2. COLGeek is right. If you view the drive in Explorer, right-click it and select "Properties" then you'll see the capacity listed in "binary" GB and also as a long, comma-separated number in decimal. The decimal number will show you the "true" size of the drive without the confusing complication that "binary" GB are actually about 7% larger (i.e., "1GB" = 1,073,471,824 bytes).
  3. There is also a small amount of HDD space used for overhead, and if you installed Win-7 on the SSD without the large secondary drive being connected initially, Win-7 uses 100 MB of space up front for BCD, bitlocker etc. A gander at Disk Management will show your SSD partitions and if any unallocated space is at the end.
  4. thanks for the info
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