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Any one found any test of 260 216 core which compare to other 260 or which 260 would u recommend I was thinking of Zotac 260 AMP edition or Palit 260 1792 MB first I bought ati 4870 but its lying down on the floor, broken waiting to be send back, so I decided to buy geforce :P

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  1. EVGA OR BFG bothe have great warranties and I've always gone EVGA for NVIDIA cards.Goodluck.

  2. I would more concider performance, Zotac Amp is factory overclocked and I know the improvmence is significant comparing to other 260, and they offer 5 years warranty if u register ur card within 14 days of purchuase, does evga or BFG offer any special editions of 260 and how are they performing comparing to standard 260's ??
  3. I have a GeForce GTX 260 (EVGA) in an Asus motherboard and am having nightmares with both of them. Can't get any sound out of the HDMI cable and can't get anything thru the onboard (motherboard) if the card is running. Asus said their boards are better with ATi styles of cards.
  4. XFX all the way. My XFX 8800 GT 512 still holds its own till this day. Their customer support is really good. Also got CoH with my card, plus a really good deal. I, too, would suggest XFX and EVGA. XFX has double lifetime warranties, meaning, you can sell your card later and the warranty will transfer to the buyer. I'm sure you have to register your card to get the warranty, otherwise it defaults to 2 or 3 years. I registered mines, and I'm set.
  5. xfx is great but always seems to be a bit more expensive, id go with evga if i were you
  6. but which perform best ?? any good factory overclocked versions ?
  7. I just installed MSI's 260-216 a few days ago. I really enjoy it.

    I think generally speaking, with exception of different core clock OCs and such, the card itself should benchmark the same regardless of brand. I can't image the brand itself make a huge difference.

    MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OCv2 $189.99 - $30MIR = $159.99 + Far Cry 2
    Core Clock @ 655Mhz
  8. It can make a difference, there is zotac amp edition which is factory overclocked from 1998 to 2200 and its improve performance by 9% there is as well plait with 2 fans and gainward golden sample, example
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