Revo Drive and WD black 640 setup

Hi i was just wondering how this would work, i would like to get a OCZ RevoDrive, mainly because its doubling the performance of any sandforce controlled SSD. Would i be able to put my games/benchmarking apps on my Revo Drive, and then put the rest of my stuff on my WD 640, ive never done a storage setup with more than one hard drive, besides a raid0 configuration, but that doesnt count. And would i have to install Windows on both of the hard drives separately? Again, i have never had a dual-hard, besides a raid0 configuration, which in that case you essentially have 1 hard drive. Thanks
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  1. If your question is whether you need Windows installed on both the SSD and HDD, the answer is NO. Install Windows on the SSD, along with any apps you deem desireable (and will fit) and use the HDD as your storage/files device.

    If you are looking for 2 separate installs, to do benchmarking stuff with the SSD and "regular stuff" when booted to the HDD, the answer yes (but is not necessary).

    Do the first and you'll be happy.
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