EX58-UD4P & Corsair XMS3

Ok this is weird, I just built this system with an i7 920 and did a fresh install of windows vista 32bit (i know, i know)...
Anyway check out these screen shots from CPUZ. I don't know what else to do?
Anyone know the best setting to use in the Bios?
Check it out.

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  1. LOL. That's not a typo. The reason your CPU is running at 1.6ghz is that your bus speed is too slow or your multipliers are too low. Increase your bus speed and multipliers and you can get what you need.

    For example your bus speed is set at 133. Your Multiplier is 12. 133x12 = 1596. So that's your problem. So let's say you increase your multiplier to 20. 20x133 = 2660. That should get your processor back to its normal speed. You're going to have to go into your bios and change those settings, then save it.
  2. I will refine those numbers as I just loaded optimized defaults.

    But my biggest issue is the fact that CPUZ is not recognizing the processor as an i7 (well it does but at the top it says Core 2). Also The memory is not being recognized at all. Any ideas on that?
  3. agfox - maybe you need to give some info on your RAM installed - and what is it about those screens that makes you unhappy.

    You mention now that your memory is not being recognized. Would be good to know how much you have installed? But you say you're running a 32-bit OS and if so then 3326 is about right - it's around maximum as far as I know for a 32-bit OS. Many posts here regarding that plus your manual and the Gigabyte website re any board and yours explains this.
    "(Note 1) Due to Windows Vista/XP 32-bit operating system limitation, when more than 4 GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory size displayed will be less than 4 GB."

    The other RAM is being used but not as system memory.

    So, if you bought 4GBs then you're like me, getting the most out of it you can and planning to upgrade eventually to a 64bit OS. Besides, it's cheaper to buy 2 2GBs than 3 1s, and I doubt your board allows 3 of anything. But, if you bought perhaps 4 4GBs then you're right to be upset - and need to either upgrade OS or get a RA.
  4. Try using a newer version of CPU-Z. Ver 1.41 that you have is VERY old.
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