Q9550 OCing Help

hey every one im new to this
ive got a foxconn black-ops mobo with the last bios update version 6
paired with a q9550 revision E0 which is at stock 2.83ghz
and 4 gb of OCZ ram pc3 14400 reaper hpc @ 8-8-8-27
( http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_pc3_14400_reaper_hpc )
im only after a small stable OC somthing like 3.2ghz-3.4ghz
i do have good cooling(280 rad push/pull-ek supreme hf block)
ive read OC guides but can never find any for my set up etc and plus i dont know the first thing
about OCing so what im asking is could some one point me in the right direction
aka right Fsb,timings,vcore etc
what to change and all that.
btw names tony but friends call me squirrel thought i would join up to here see if i can get any help.
i do appoligize if this has already been asked or along these lines
also could you explain it the easiest way possible .
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  1. That's our generic guide.

    After you go through that one, use Google to find an OC guide for your motherboard. Motherboards are different. That's why you should try (really hard :)) to find a guide for your particular motherboard.

    Keep your core voltage under 1.45 volts and your load temperatures under 70 C.
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