What parts needed to install a 2.5" ssd?

Hey all, I am unsure what these SSD comes with and how they'll fit into my case. Not sure if I need to buy a sata cable and/or mounting hardware.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

This is the case:

Basically the desktop bundle is a huge rippoff at $30 more, but the combo price has a huge discount so the overall difference is $10. What stuff would I need to install the non kit version? Going to check if I can get the parts for < $10.
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  1. As the case only has 5.25 & 3.5 inch drive bays you will need an adaptor for the 2.5 inch ssd drive. Unless the case you have has been updated from what the listed specs are and has a 2.5 inch adaptor built in.
    My Coolmaster has a built in adaptor for them.
    If you have a spare sata cable you don't need to buy one.
  2. From the spec of your case, an adapter is necessary.

    You can easily find cheaper ones.

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