Biostar9600gt or asus 4670

which vga and brand is beter ?
biostar 9600gt 512 mb ddr3
asus 4670 512 mb ddr3
sapphire 4670 512 mb ddr3
gigabyte 4670512 mb ddr3
biostar 8800gt 512 mb ddr3
i dont want to overclock , my cpu e5200, mb gigabyte g31 , 2gb ram ddr2 800 , psu 430w real
please guide me
thank .
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  1. gpu quality is the main factor and brand is not a factor.

    you have listed three cards - radeon 4670, geforce 9600gt and 8800gt. among these cards, 8800gt 512mb ddr3 is the best but all of these three are the best bang for the buck. but what you are going to do with the card ? gaming? general computing? graphics designing ? if you're gaming, then i would suggest 8800gt because i have the 4670 from asus (ASUS EAH4670/HTP/512MD3). even if you hit up your mind to buy 4670, please dont buy the ddr4 version.

    and, another thing, 8800gt and 9800gt is all the same. but if you want to select among geforce 8800gt/9800gt or radeon 4830, i will go for the 4830. it's slightly faster and overally much better than 8800gt/9800gt. so, if you want to buy the 8800gt, edit the plan and go for the 4830.

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