New mobo for unlocking 7850 Kuma CPU

I got an Athlon X2 7850 Kuma Black Edition processor placed on a GIGABYTE GA-770-UD3 (rev.1) motherboard which has Ati SB700 and doesn't support Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC). But I want to unlock all cores of my CPU! Therefore, I want to replace the motherboard with a new one that will do the job the best way. I was thinking of buying one of these:

# GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 (rev.2) for 55 Euros : it has Ati SB710 which supports ACC, it has ultra durable 3 design, 4+1 phase power design, but its northbridge heatsink is a bit wobbly

# ASRock AOD790GX/128MB for 93 Euros : it has Ati SB750 which supports ACC, it has all solid capacitors design, 4+1 phase power design, note that i didn't find Asrock A790GX/128MB anywhere here in greece, which was suggested by many sites for the unlocking of that cpu

# GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD3P for 94 Euros : which also has Ati SB750 and supports ACC, it has heat-sink on the mosfets , ultra durable 3 and 8+2 phase power design that is better for quad core CPU

Which motherboard of these should i buy for having most chances in unlocking my Athlon? If you have another motherboard in mind at about the same price please let me know

Thanking you in advance dudes!
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  1. Here's a thought, just buy a quad core CPU!!

    The phenom IIs are the ones that can be unlocked with ACC, not the original Phenom based CPUs. While there is a small chance that you will be able to do it, even if you unlock it chances are you will have to raise the voltage and lower the clock speed for it to be stable. CPUs that got turned into 7850s are those that weren't even good enough to be the original Phenom X3 CPUs and those don't overclock too well.

    Anyway of the boards the GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD3P and the ASRock AOD790GX should have the old SB750 microcode that lets you try and unlock CPUs. Still at that price your money is better spend getting a better CPU.
  2. Thank you very much. Maybe i will keep it as i have it know and when have more money i will built new system with AM3 Board, Phenom II which has 4MB more L3 cache ,and DDR3 Memory
  3. Good luck unlocking that 7850.....

    Don't buy a board for the sole purpose of unlocking that Kuma...... I have tried to unlock a few with 7750's and 7850's and to my surprise I was only able to unlock 1 of them and it was not the most stable chip....Remember the 7850 is an Agena set to run as a dual core.... If you want to unlock you should be looking at the 550 or 720 since the unlock rate is much higher......
  4. thank you! i will try and see what happens. if i get any results i will post them here
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