My AMD 64x2 7750 Build - Finished

Alright well my first build is finished. Everything went very well so far.
I didn't want to wait for a new case so I used an old case from an old pc and used it for this build.

Here are the specs and a couple stats on it:

AMD Athlon 64x2 7750 (not overclocked: bad case for it right now)
4 gb g skill ddr2 800 5-5-5-15
100gb ide
dvd r/rw
integrated graphics hd3200

in an old emachines case with a 400watt psu that I bought at best buy to get the build at least in case.
I want to talk about that for a second too.

I went to best buy on a whim to see if they had any decent cheap psu's.

I came across a Dynex 400watt psu. I was really skeptical at first and I still am skeptical about it. But it was $50 bucks has 2 12v rails - and it is heavy,

This pc booted up great, then I found out I had to pull out the optical to set it to master to boot from cd.

But, everything is up and running well.

Future upgrades will definitely be a new case, hard drive and gpu and cooling extras

The max temps for this cpu are 72c and on stock cooling at 100% load for 20 minutes I hit 64-65c. Idle temperatures are around 44-46c - Hopefully someone can tell me if this is normal, and is it ok to be that close to the max temps on 100% load? Mobo temps never got above 42c - idle at 38c

Windows Vista 64 score of 4.0 exactly (that's the score the onboard gpu got, the lowest of them all, everything else was 5.5-5.9)

ATI Catalyst benchmarked around 7700-8000 consistently

Tried to overclock using AMD utility and Bios, but decided against it once I really dug into this computer and realized its more than what Ill need for awhile.

Any comments on the stock cooling and/or my rig are appreciated and looked forward to.

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  1. that temp was only reached during the benchmark - ive played a few games on it now and it max temp'd around 60c but im getting a new case and cpu heatsink/fan soon. this was temporary to get it all up and all nerds, adjustments will be made.
  2. asus m3a78-em
  3. i wanted the psu last night - didnt wanna wait for it to ship - much like the case which i will be ordering - antec 300 - heard it is great for moderate gaming at 56.99
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