Overclocking 465 gtx, Higher GPU clock vs Vram Clock

Hi, I Currently have my 465 gtx 1gb from stock gpu 607 mhz and memory 3206mhz to gpu core 850mhz and memory 4000mhz. also using msi afterburner I was able to change my stock voltage from 1.012v to 1.087volts, Im not getting any artifacts using evga oc scanner, my Main Question is seeing at the overclock im at now, If i raise both memory and GPU clocks Ill get Artifacts past 850, but If I raise just my gpu core clock I wont get artifacts, Im asking Whats more important now, GPU clock Or Memory clock to overclock, Thanks
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  1. also here is a comparison between my 2 overclocking result clocks, undecided on which one - http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo15/skater44_04/ComparisonGPUClocks.jpg
  2. The higher GPU clock should help more than the higher memory clock. Nice overclocks for a GTX465 BTW. My 460 runs 820-1640-2000 and thats not even pushing it. It rarely breaks 60C after hours of gaming with the fan topping out about 55%.
  3. If you want decent overclocks with the GF100 aka your card then you need to put the core on water then use quality ramsink for the vram and vrm then you should get slightly better core and shander clocks but the vram should oc by a wider margin than before.
  4. first off, why would i water cool, second off, how do i get higher voltage than 1.087? cause im at the max the card will allow me to get without artifacts, the only question is How can I raise my Vcore So i can go higher?, then ill think about water cooling, at the overclock im at, it stays under 60c all the time, so please tell me how to overvolt and it would be greatly appreciated, thanks - jim
  5. btw im using MSI Afterburner, if u look into the picture link i posted above, u will see that 1.087v is the highest, I just read how i need a bios voltage mod for my card, but all im finding is for 460 - 470-480......i mean im already at 35%+ overclock on my cards, but i wanna go higher, any ideas for higher voltage? thanks
  6. Pointless to try giving any more tips. I am tired of threads like this. If you don't like the answers that you get then don't ask the questions or at least seek your own.
  7. I do indeed Appreciate the Answers, But its obvious the main point is How Can I achieve High Overclocks, Its Obvioius I need a Voltage Mod of some sort, and In fact you are correct about the Waterblock, I understand why I would need one, The question is How Can I get a Higher Volt so I can Sustain a High Overclock.
  8. There is possible bios mod by editing the bios rom for a higher default value. Why, under normal overclocking software like afterburner it raises the max voltage (untested). Then you will need to improve the power vrm cooling but that isn't going to be easy with stock cooling. Some mod jobs can take a lot of effort and isn't for the unskilled or someone who doesn't have much time and the risk is high. As for the vram don't expect much and you may have already hit max unless cooling improves. I own a lot of cards so I know what tricks work and ones that don't you might only get 5% or more tops with better cooling unless you got a very good sample. Also if you have high volts on the 12v rail (psu) that may help when going beyond the power spec of the 6pin power connectors but ovp can be an issue.
  9. So besides all of that, my 35-42% overclock is good enough? I was thinking about buying a Aftermarket Zalman VF3000F, they just came out, also btw I have 2 x 465's in Sli, so I know its too much to ask all these questions but is my 42% overclock on both cards good enough or is there any higher I can get with a voltage mod with my Stock Heatsink on em still? Thanks Man - Jim
  10. if i hit my cap its fine man, im just wanting to push as much out of my cards while staying on stock atm, feedback is appreciated
  11. Stock Cooling*
  12. There might be more head room that thermals are limiting and if getting better air coolers are much more better on your ears then go for it :) but I look at cooling as insurance for protecting my cards as well keeping them stable when there is a failure. Last month I had a cooling failure that could have bricked one of my 9800gt but it ran solid even though it was roasting at 121c. Quick fix and it only loaded at 55c max. What you should worry about is the power vrm on these GTX 465 due to the power draws and one complain of a house fire because of this.
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