Help to overclock my ram


i tried alot to overclock my system but every time .i have aproblem with my ram

iovercloked processor to 4.00 ghz (450*9) and the processor voltage i can adjust it but the real problem to choose the spd profile for my ram ihave x.xx a,x.xx b,x.xx c,x.xx d

a profile to 200mhz
b for 333mhz
c for 260mhz
d for 400mhz

i know that i must choose x.xx d but when i choose it .ifound problems in the first boot then the computer run normaly

in b profile this problem does,nt happen but ithink ihave aproblem with ram timing . it didn,t finish the firt cycle in prime 95

so when i keep b profile it solve the boot problem but ihave problem with timing (note: in b prfile the ram run at 1068 mhz)


intel core2duo e8400 e0
gigabyte ep45-ud3r rev 1.1
2*2gb kingston hyperx pc 8500 -- cl7 bus (1066)
ati hd 5850

and here apic from gpu-z
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  1. Please post the memory tab of CPU-Z.
  2. i notice somthing when i put it to 2.00b computer diddn,t boot but 2.00 d it boot however both gives 900 mhz

    also after i put it into 2.00d the power led turned on then turned off for 2 seconds then computer boots
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