3D Mark Vantage - first run

I hope you can see the results here. Are they up to the mark?

In case you can't see it, my score is P7233, CPU score is 8525 and GPU score is 6885. I understand the CPU bottlenecks the GPU a little.

Oh, and my 4850 is running at 675/1040 - Guess I got lucky, the card is very cool. While running 3D Mark Vantage or Mirror's Edge or any such app, max temp is between 60 to 64C and my ambient temps. are real high.

Oh, and my Mirror's Edge benchmark using Fraps in Prologue: The Edge.

Texture etc. High. VSync - disabled, PhysX - disabled. 8xQ AA. Avg. 60 fps, min 50 fps. Is it good?
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  1. Seems about right for your 4850, but the CPU score seems low. I have the same CPU and it and my 4870 managed P8272 with 8137 for the CPU and 8706 for the GPU back in September (older drivers). I'm pretty sure it was Vista x64 back then...

    Check to make sure other things are up to date? BIOS, chipset, etc.
  2. I guess I forgot to mention. This score is after installing from the CD that came with the card. There was some problem with the internet connection.

    Now I'm uninstalling all those drivers and reinstalling the newly downloaded ones.

    Also, how to remove previously installed Nvidia drivers?
  3. try add remove programs if its not there use driver sweeper
  4. 3DMark Vantage has an on-line feature where you can compare your score to others who have similar hardware.
  5. ^+1 use the compare feature, you can compare your score to ones that use the same card, cpu as you do. It will be much more satisfying then us just saying "Good Job"
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