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I have a 2 month old wireless network (3 x desktop, 2 x
laptop). Last week we were suddenly unable to send email
from any computer, we received the following errors:

"The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the
server. (Account: <account name>, POP3 Server: <server
name> Error Number:0x800ccc0f."

"The connection to the server has failed. Account
<account name>, server, <server name>, protocol, port
110, 0x800ccc0E."

We can not send any email. We can still receive email
and access the internet. The rest of the network is
working correctly.

All the computers are running Windows XP pro. They are
linked with a Dell wireless router/ access point which is
wired to an ISDN router, connected to the phone lines.
We have tried Outlook & Outlook express 2000 & XP

I have tried using different email accounts with
different mail servers but have the same problem which
makes me believe the problem lies somewhere on the
network or each computer.

I have tried using the system restore utility to roll
back to a few days before the problem started but this
did not work.

I have stopped Norton antivirus from scanning outgoing
email and have tried removing it completely from one
computer but we still have the same problem.

Nothing has been changed on the network, hardware or
software. The only thing that may have been added is a
Norton virus update.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.configuration_manage (More info?)

    The problem appears to be port 25 has somehow become blocked. Since it happened to all the computers, it would lead me to believe the WAP router is the problem.

    Have you tried doing a hard reboot on the WAP? If that does not work, try opening up the configuration panel and be sure any hardware firewall and port settings seem reasonable. If you don't know what I am talking about, it might be better to just find out if there is a way to restore the WAP to factory settings instead of me trying to explain it on a piece of hardware I don't own.

    I am guessing your ISDN modem is etherneted into the WAP and not directly into 1 of your computers. If this assumption is wrong, then my answers are likely wrong.

    The next 2 likely suspects are Norton and any software firewall you might have. But this would only affect all computers if the offending software was installed on the ISDN routing computer or every computer you own.

    You can google on those HEX error messages for more information. It appears to be a frequent problem with many possible answers unfortunately.

    Good luck, Colin.
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