Dell optiplex gx280 small form factor pc is noisy

I have dell optiplex gx280 small form factor pc. It is small and cute, but very noisy. The noise is noticeable compare to other dell or non-dell computers. Does anyone else have this model, and is it noisy also? If it is only the porblem for my pc, I may buy another one of the same model. Otherwise, I may look for other small form factor pc .
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  1. Contact Dell about it to see if the level of noise you're experiencing is normal.
    And how old is the GX280 you're using?
  2. I would open the unit up and blow it out with compressed air, It sounds like the fans are trying to over compensate for the heat by blowing faster and harder =)

    We have a few at the shop and they tend to run alittle warm becuase of the slim design but by no means are they overly loud.
  3. I have a Small form factor i use as an htpc i did a stupid anthough nice upgrade to it went from P4 2.8 to PD 3.4 and same deal very loud. I fixed it with cleaning out the case as above and changing the thermal paste from stock Dell square pile o crap to that freez stuff workes great now no sound unless playing 1080p stuff but the poor thing is being tortured at that point LOL. :hello:

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