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hey ppl //im plannin to buy a ati radeon 4770 r 4670 card in few days...but i jus saw ova the net tht ther r many installation nd drivers related issues with the ati it realy tht serious prob......cos i liked the performance to price ratio f the cards i mentioned above.....pls suggest...... :??:
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  1. My last 2 cards have been AMD/ATI and I haven't had any driver problems with either.
  2. What you saw were most likely user errors. All latest ATi cards have solid drivers, with the exception of newest released games that needs a little time for next Catalyst release to fix any bug up.
  3. +1, altho some of the drivers for AGP ATI cards didn't have DXVA.
  4. Pretty much the big problem is with the AGP cards, especially if you have a simple BIOS that doesn't let you set all the AGP values. Anyway go with the 4770 as it's generally over 50% faster in games than the 4670. Of course on paper it's twice as fast, but that doesn't always seem to translate into twice the FPS :D.
  5. Yeah, I hope the new HD4650 AGP is better and those drivers are better...
  6. If you find a 4770 then have at it, but they're in pretty limited quantities. I think newegg has them right now, but only for a few hours maybe. Or you could get this 4850, which has slightly better performance for the same price as a 4770.
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