Top 10 coolers for i7 920?

my stock cooler just blew up for the i7 920...( overheat )
i had no eye on the temps and when i checked over 100....dam my pc sux
i use a i7 920 asus rampage gene II mobo and a HAF 922 cabinet...the problem of heat is cuz of the temps here in india
no cool air...

was thinking of a cooler.....i had Prolimatech megahalmes in mind..any other suggestions money not issue
also the Cooler needs to b silent not too loud like the v8 v10s
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  1. Thermalright Silver Arrow
    TR Venomous X
    TR HR 02
    Noctua NH-D14
    Noctua NH-U12P SE2
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  3. will try to get a noctua NH-D14
    or one of the zalams
  4. since davcon recommended TR Venomous X, get it in the ITDepot for 4K + shipping......... value for money option considering noctua will cost you atleast double........

    that site has a chart of best coolers.
  6. thanks alot will keep that in mind...already ordered a venomous X will return if dosent suit my cpu :)
  7. The Venomous X is a great cooler.
    Good luck! [:bohleyk:1]
  8. all the best swarraws....... and vote for the best answer...........
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