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I'm trying to overclock my E6550 on MSI 945P NEO5 and 9500GT. I can boot and stable (6h Prime95) on 372Mhz (2.6Ghz cpu) FSB, 1:1 FSB/Memory, PciE 133Mhz!!!. Naturaly my problem comes when I try to play. Every game has artifacts. Now I'm trying to lower my pcie frequency to 100 but after I save and reboot the setting is back on 133. Even with the cpu native fsb of 333mhz the pcie is set on 123. Options for pci section are: Adjust AGP/PCI, Adjust PCIE and Auto Disable DIMM/PCI. There is no lock pcie freq or auto pcie freq.
Any help?
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  1. Try either 1) CLR_CMOS jumper or 2) entering the BIOS at POST, setting the BIOS to its "Default" or "Fail Safe" settings, save and exit BIOS. Either way you'll have to re-set your custom settings, then save and exit. If these don't fix the PCIe frequency, RMA the motherboard for replacement.
  2. Thanks for the reply treefrog but I don't think that it's bad mobo because with FSB on 266Mhz then PciE is lowered to 100Mhz. It's must be some fsb/pcie ratio integrated in it. Disappointment is that now I'm stuck from a trivial thing like pcie freq. I have the latest firmware, low temps, stable overclock and no use for gaming...
  3. There should be a way to lock the PCIe frequency @ 100. I know for a fact that all (C2D and up) Gigabyte/ASUS boards have the ability to lock at 100. If not, then that board/BIOS is just retarded.
  4. It's the bios. I'm reading now that there is no pcie lock on 945p. I'll try to set volts from bios and rise fsb from os. :??:
  5. Is there any body who found modified bios for 945p neo5 that locks the f**kin pcie frequency? Or at least a site where I can learn to write new one... this is so stupid reason to left e6550 on 2.3Ghz. Even my cheep pqi 800 ram is cool at this settings.
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