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I was looking for a full tower case and wasn't sure on spending $600 on the ABS canyon 695. Recommendations?
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  1. How nice :)
  2. I'm such a cheap bastard that paying $300 for a case is enough to make me almost black out...... $600 ? No way. There's too many quality full tower cases for sale at 1/3 the price for me to ever do it. You may feel different and it may be worth it to you. It's your case and your money.
  3. If you need 6 hot-swappable SATA HD slots, want a 27" tall case, and rare 140mm fans . . . well, I don't think you can get that combo anywhere else :)
  4. 600$ ?? I've probably spent that much on my whole current computer. The most expensive thing I would even consider going with is a black Coolermaster Cosmos.
  5. what about the cooler master Haf 932.
  6. Don't tell me you guys haven't seen the new corsair case with a cost of $300. If I can buy any case right now regardless of price it would be that one.
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