CPU overheating all of a sudden

So ... I have a computer that I built back in 2005. All of a sudden the cpu started overheating (like 95 degrees and higher) and shuts down pretty much right after the thing boots up. Also I was getting this Windows geniune notification saying I need to activate my windows because of a major hardware change???? I have not changed anything lately. Last change was updated memory and video card about 6 months ago.
I find it very strange that these 2 things are happening at the same time. So I had enough time to click activate my computer and now that is gone but still over heating.
I took the heat sink / fan off (original nothing special) and cleaned off the paste. Added new paste and made sure everything is on there tight.
Still having the overheating problem.
I ran out of spray air so I will do that to get some dust off but I doubt that is my problem.
Anyone know why all of a sudden his would happen? Maybe I need a new fan / heat sink? Maybe I need a new computer :(

Here is what I have:
cpu: pentium 3.6 (2)
memory:3GB RAM (2GB added December 08)
350 watt power supply
Video Card: FX8600GT (newly installed December 08)
Chipset:Intel(R) 915 Express Chipset Family
Chipset Components
Memory Controller:82915G/P
I/O Controller:Intel(R) 82801FB I/O controller hub (ICH6)
Integrated Graphics:This chipset does not contain integrated graphics.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. check ur psu that could have also damage cpu's one of my friend had this problem.check air ventilation too,dock cabin infront of air conditionar open panels and try it if u could get it to work.assuming bought in 2005 ur RMA would have expired..
  2. I would be very surprised if your CPU is still good. This has happened to me and drove me to a new CPU and All was well with the world.
  3. Thanks for the reply. If I need to get a new cpu I guess its time to get new mb, power supply etc. Was hoping there was just some kind of configuration that went wrong and I would be able to fix easily :P
  4. Try your CPU in another chassis before deep sixing it. Your problem could still be too much junk in fromt of the Airflow. Throw another fan across it it your CPU works in another chassis.
  5. Thanks I don't have another. I do see some dust on the heat sink....
  6. Update: I bought an arctic cooler heat sink and fan and so far so good.
    Running at about 60C for an hour and there is a scan and update download going.
    Before I couldn't get the computer to stay on for more than a start up.
    I used the thermal paste that came on the heat sink and I seem to think that it may do even better if I put my own on.
    Thanks all.
  7. Well I spoke too soon! Darn it! System is freezin up again....
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