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Whats the best heatsink cooler for cooling the surrounding heatsinks, memory and mosfets on an AM2 board.

I had a Thermalright SI-120 which was great as the fins where quite spaced out and the air from the fan flowed through.

Unfortunately the retention bracket snapped (RM Rev C) and I can't seem to get one anywhere.

So I went and brought a Thermalright SI-128 which has a crappy fitting system and the fins are so tightly packed together that the air isn't able to flow through to cool the surrounding area and memory. Why Thermalright decided to change the original fitting system I'll never know.

Anyway, any suggestions, Zalman VF2000 maybe??
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  1. Here's a link:

    The spire thermax eclipse II is the best, according to frostytech. Its hard to find, so I generally recommend the Thermaltake Frio. However it depends on your setup and how much room you have to work with, so "the best" is very subjective.

    Have you tried frozencpu for the retention hardware?

    Also to keep in mind is that the list on frostytech includes some very loud fans. Again, it depends on your personal taste and how much noise you're willing to live with. I find that my TRU keeps my board nice and chilly. And the yete loon fans are very quiet that I've paired with it.
  2. Well the best for me would be something that spills lots of cooling air onto the surrounding area.

    My CPU runs pretty cool anyway so the main objective is to get a cooler that allows airflow through into the board, memory and passive northbridge heatsink.

    I have a Yate Loon D12SM-12 on there at the minute which is fine, even a low speed fan keeps my cpu around 40 deg idle.

    The tower heatsinks seem to be the best at the minute but where does the airflow go?

    With the standard heatsinks the airflow is pushed down towards the board.

    Frozencpu have the Rev B not C, I did find the Rev C but they wanted $80 delivery to the UK :non:

    What cooler are you using TRU? Does that allow airflow over the motherboard?

  3. Genius, problem solved :D

    Been looking at a few if anyone can comment on them.

    Noctua NH-D14 - Massive and expensive but cools surrounding area, apparently.

    Thermaltake DuOrb - Looks nice, cools other components, reasonable price.

    Scythe Samuri - Cheaper.

    Any other suggestions for heatsinks that cool the surrounding components well?

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